Please Pray this weekend

We are starting our Christmas Curriculum on Sunday for our Elementary School. We are praying for God to allow these kids to see Jesus as more than just a character in a story, more than just a name, more than just a man, but our Savior who lived a life FOR US! We are always praying for our kids to get truth. Because the Truth of God changes lives. Imagine as my friend Patti Jo Mackey said “What if kids grew up living without all of the lives of religion, life, and experience and instead live their life (entire life) based on the Truth of God’s word…”

So I am asking you to pray and pray hard that our kids will receive God’s truth this week and everytime that we have an opportunity to. That God will allow us to raise up students of God’s words and workers and leaders all working together for the kingdom of God right now. Not waiting on an age, stage, or position. Our kids have what they need to live for God and that is Him! I just pray that we get out of the way and let them get Him without us getting in the way. Please pray, pray, pray, and pray for our kids this week. It’s a big week.


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  1. sounds great. I like your passion for building His Kingdom. Praying for God to blow you guys away and take your faith to new levels. peace

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