No way in the world I couldn’t pick these football games.

Ok so there are a few conf. championships going on this weekend. I wanted to weigh in with some picks and a few opinions.

First the one that I want to watch soooo bad. Florida vs. Alabama in the SEC Championship.

Here is what I will say to you. I have seen Alabama play some teams that play a similar style to Florida. Obviously they don’t have the complete package that Florida has but they want to get to the edge and beat you with their speed. The use misdirection and option style plays to make an impact. Alabama doesn’t care. They have beaten everyone. If you are a college football team would you rather have the best offensive and defensive lines or the best skill players. I know that I would much rather have the lines. And that is what Alabama has. I don’t think that Bama struggles to win this one at all. I know this isn’t popular and I might be totally wrong but I don’t see bama losing this one.

Next the Big 12 Championship

OU vs. Missou

Honestly I really want Missou to win this so the BCS will crumble and maybe a playoff system will at least be considered by some major programs. Anyway, It’s gonna be cold and it’s a stadium that Missou played in last week. They are a bit more accustomed to it. Plus OU is not in good graces right now really with anyone on a national scale. And the fact that Bob Stoops has lost big games when not at home in the last 3 years has made me really think Missou has a chance. I am picking OU but I really really think Missou has a shot at this thing.

I would pick the ACC Championship but honestly no one cares.

USC beats UCLA and gets another BCS berth.

That’s it. Check it out. let me know what you think.


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