Wednesday Wisdom on Thursday… hahaha

Today’s lil pearl of wisdom 🙂 is about accountability.

I learned a whole lot of stuff during my tenure at UPS. I was a part time supervisor there for a while and thus had to go through their immense training manual. Most goofed off during what those that had been thru the training called “three weeks of vacation”, but I soaked up every second of leadership training that there was to offer. And so today I will give you one of those lessons that I learned during that time.

Accountability is a critical part of ever organization. Especially those that have goals (…hahaha) How do you expect to reach those goals?

So here are a few principles that must be in place for accountability to work properly.

  1. Everyone must know what they are responsible for. Some questions for you to consider: How well do you communicate to those that you lead what their responsibilities are? How well do you know what you are responsible for? Is a communication breakdown responsible for someone not knowing their responsibilities?
  2. The people responsible for the job must have the capacity to do the job. I will define capacity just so you clearly understand this principle. capacity-actual or potential ability to perform, yield, or withstand. That pretty much covers it I think. Generally if there is a problem here there are two things that can be done: find another person or train the current one. As the leader your responsibility is to make sure that your people have the capacity to do the job.
  3. The people responsible for the job must have the necessary authority for the job. Maybe you expect people to do a certain job but have you really given them the authority to own and control that part of their job. Do they clear all possible hurdles to complete the job or is there something that is in their way? As the leader you must give them clearance to get past all of the hurdles.
  4. The people who are responsible for the job must know the system of accountability. What are the consequences? They need to know those before going out in the job. They need to be able to understand why in the world do we hold them accountable. They need to know what happens if they don’t accomplish the tasks. Are their any consequences for failed tasks when the above steps are met?

Just a few things. For alot of those people that read this blog it might not seem very interesting. But if you’re a leader wondering about accountability I think that these principles will most definitely teach in not just reinforce some elementary things that must be done by both parties in order to have a clear accountability system.

Anyway just wanted to drop some knowledge on ya. thanks for reading.


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