My thankful post

While I had some time while my video work is rendering, I wanted to just highlight a few people that I am extremely thankful for.

  • My Wife: she is an incredible encouragement today. As most of you know she has school and a job and she is a wife and that is a giant workload. Especially because she is my wife. But she still has time to be my biggest fan in the world. I know that she believes in me even more than I do alot of times. Not only that but she also has no problem whipping me into shape. She has taught me more about loving others more than anyone in the world. If you don’t know Mrs. Kristen Thompson then you are definitely missing out. Plus she’s hott and my wife and so all those things are in her favor.
  • My Parents: I remember since like third grade my dad telling me that I needed to go to college so that I wouldn’t have to work like him. He’s a machinist. I had a great childhood and this is all because of my parents. They pushed me when it wasn’t popular to push your kids. They were hard on me when I screwed up and loved me through everything. I never had to worry about where my parents stood on the issue of me and my sister. We knew that they loved us with all they had. Now I’m getting to experience a softer side a more relaxed side. I think that God is blessing them with a little relief that one of their kids is done with college and is a success in life and love. My sis will soon join me in that realm. Mom and Dad I am who I am because of you and for that and so much more I am thankful.
  • Children’s Ministry Staff at Brookwood Church: I was brought in on some interesting circumstances. I actually heard about the job and met my boss at the same place. Wild Wing Cafe. I was looking for a job but hadn’t even considered ministry because I figured that it would come later in the future. From love and care and fun to overwhelmingly creative sparks and experience that I couldn’t get from anywhere else. They care for me in a crazy way. And we gel. We are a team with a unified purpose that we always know. I am so thankful for the influence that you all are in my life. All 12 or so of you, hahaha.

I am thankful for so much in my life. God only knows how much I need each of you in my life. Continue to live for Him in a world that denies Him. I love each of you and am so thankful that God has strategically placed each of you in my life. You guys rock!


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