Weekend Thoughts

Just some random stuff running through my head on a Saturday morning:

  • Why do people read the Bible? I know for some of you, you are thinking why in the world is He asking this… But I am curious to know. We are trying to get our kids involved in reading their Bible. I want to know why people read it on a consistent basis.
  • How senior friendly is your church? I had a talk a long time ago with a friend of mine wondering where are the senior men dedicated to mentoring the younger generation. Now with mega churches and church plants, it seems that there is an undeniable sense that the older folks are getting left out of the mix alot of the time. (Thanks Christianity Today)
  • What are your elementary age kids struggling with? Are there questions out there that they are looking for an answer to? What kinds of problems do they deal with?
  • Why do your kids like church? Or not like church? ( I have some really interesting thoughts about this one. Maybe a post next week.)

Anyway open forum, drop me a comment just wanted to get us thinking about some things over the weekend.


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  1. 1. I read my Bible ( I am saying this after being reminded by God this morning as I read 2 Peter 1) because I NEED TO KNOW GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need nothing more than I need this and if God allows me to attain a TRUE knowledge of Him, I will have everything. Go read 2 Peter 1.

    2. Our church is really senior friendly. Everything from accessibility to the way that we fellowship together.

    3. I am not sure. However, I have had the incredible privelege of working with the kids on a semi-regular basis. I am amazed at how much Scripture our kids have memorized already. It is more than me.

    4. I think many of our kids just like learning about Christ.

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