I am incredibly blessed!

I first of all want to echo what my friend and coworker Josh Martin said in his latest post.

Check it out its an incredible post and I am thankful for my friendship with Josh. He is leading this band in ways that people would dream of and its just beginning.

But I just wanted to express how thankful I am for where God has placed me. Yesterday as lots of Brookwood people celebrated our church, I was just in awe of what God has placed me in the middle of. I am learning to love and serve people in a way that is undeniable. We at Brookwood really are doing things differently than churches around the country. In two years our student ministry has grown 6 fold. That’s 600%, We’ve had a 21% increase in children’s ministry at the same time. And 214 salvation decisions this year. I believe that is only with one or two “invitations”.

We are a body of believers that really just want to live out that first Chapter of Ephesians. We know our purpose as a church and we know that our job is to be the catalyst for change in the world. I am excited about everything going on at Brookwood and how God has blessed this place. It is unlike any church that I have ever thought of. I am so thankful for my duty and purpose that I am aware of. I want to teach kids about Christ and His love. I want to educate them on doing something now, to live out their faith from the moment they know and understand that Christ is working in their lives. I am so incredibly blessed by this church. Perry is an inspirational leader and innovative, inspired teacher. He is incomparable to me in the way that his message affects my heart. It is totally apparent that he is deeply passionate about his position and the responsibility that God has given him.

Perry said this week about the church and included us in on this concerning the impact in the world, “If we (the church) would have done our job by loving and giving then the government would have stayed out of it.”

These are a few reasons why I am excited about our future here. I am learning and growing so much. I am blessed to be here and I couldn’t have dreamed of a plan like this for my life. Praise be to God for all He has done and all that is to come.


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