Catalyst Recap

Incredible two days at catalyst last week! I was so challenged, encouraged, and motivated by the many people involved in the conference. I am so incredibly blessed to be where I am, doing what I am doing, and serving the God that I serve.

I will try and recap some of the thoughts that really challenged me over those two days and would love to have a dialogue about them. I am so thankful that a conference like this exists to speak to leaders, young leaders.

One thing that I had a problem with, however was the fact that there wasn’t a Children’s box for us to check. There was a Youth worker and lots of other positions available for choosing, but not in Children’s ministry. I am not insanely mad or upset but it did make me think, why is it like this? Is it because there just aren’t many leaders in Children’s ministry? Or because they wouldn’t invest enough to go to Catalyst? Or how about because maybe while students are our future, or are the present as my friend J.R. Lee would say, children are more babysat in churches than really confronted with spiritual issues and challenged to make a difference when they are young?

I don’t know but I do know that hopefully, God will allow me to make enough of a difference in the lives of kids to where these questions dissappear from my thoughts and yours.

Anyway as I climb off of my soapbox be looking back here to see some opinions of what I heard at Catalyst.



  1. I would agree that it’s important to invest in the children at our churches, because God can use the truth in His Word and the loving actions of the workers to be a blessing to them.

    Great post!

  2. You are impacting the church right now! Children are the church of today – as are teenagers – like I enjoy saying.

    You’re making a difference – never back down!

  3. Right on! I’ve been to Catalyst in years past but couldn’t make it this year. I heard it rocked. You bring up a good point. I’ve been in studnet ministry for 10 years and just jumped into Children’s Ministry and i definitly sense that children’s ministry is over looked. But hey I love being the underdog. great blog, thanx dustin aagaard

  4. I don’t know if we’ve been overlooked. But honestly, Children’s ministry just probably didn’t come to their mind. My hope is that this doesn’t happen. That Children’s ministry is never a questionable ministry full of leaders that are making a difference. Generally we are one of the largest areas of the church and if we can get kids to truly live out the lives that God has given them, then what would our churches look like.

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