Wednesday Wisdom

Yesterday was an incredible day for me. Not only am I prepping for Catalyst but I also got to play some basketball. We played the closest game that we have all year. We rebounded well, we played awesome defense, and scored regularly. We lost by one at the buzzer. I am super competitive so I was completely bummed. But happy that the guys won and glad that they got a win, but overall extremely dissappointed.

And as our devotion suggested I reflected. I have been a part of three buzzer beater games. I am 2-1 in those games. I have hit a buzzer beater and been beaten by one. But more so than all of those games I thought about life.

I thought about how all of these people in the Clemson area, are calling for Tommy Bowden’s head. The reality is that turnovers are killing the team and they just aren’t playing the entire game. Here is what I have always told people. You need to play the game in such a way that these mistakes never cost you the game.

We missed 4 free throws last night in the last minute of the game. We didn’t play sound when it really counted.

I came home and told my wife that we lost at the buzzer and she felt sad and told that she was sorry but it didn’t really take the hurt away. But here’s what I want to tell you. Last night in my reflection process I thought about this. Don’t live your life where you can be beaten by a buzzer. Man we are in the middle of our “One Month to Live” series. It’s really challenging me to look at how I live my life on a daily basis. Hearing story after story of people that are living their life like everyday matters. Man don’t live your life where a sudden accident or event that changes everything completely destroys your life.

If you wife gets sick – have you loved her or would you be trying to make up for lost time? If your mom or dad leaves this earth suddenly – would you be wishing you could have mended your relationship with them?

Don’t let your life come down to a buzzer beater. Make every second count. Start it today.


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  1. Very wise thoughts J.C. I agree with you that we should live fully now and not wait until the last minute to catch up on all the things we should be doing now.

    So with that in mind… Let’s do a prank, or make our own halloween trail!

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