Practice makes perfect?

Its funny sometimes the sayings that we adapt. This is one that I have lived alot of my life by. Practice makes perfect. It was baseball, then basketball, and then ministry. I’m only 22 so sometimes I wonder just how much any wisdom that I have gained is really worth.

Practice honestly, never makes perfect. Never. However, practice does make better. But the reality we need to grasp is how much better does it make us? If we continue to do the things that we have always done, just because we do them and have practiced does that make it effective?

The truth is the way that we get better is sometimes to honestly look at our life and see it in a new perspective. We always need people in our life that will help us look at our life in an honest and objective way. If you want to get to the next level it will take alot more than practice. It takes honesty and humility.

So practice but remember to stay focused on your goal and if things need to be changed, then don’t hesitate. Do it.


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