Super Sunday

Ok so the past two Sunday’s at Brookwood have been incomparable to anything that I have personally seen in church. Last week leading off with our “One Month to Live” series. And continuing that this week. Last night we also had our Volunteer Appreciation night where over 1,000 Volunteers arrived to be congratulated and served on their night.

Then Perry delivered a stammering message to the people letting them know how incredibly proud he was of their efforts and that we are just beginning.

Now I’m sure that you have heard this before about “just the beginning” or “best days are ahead”. It’s pretty much VisionCasting 101. But Perry is a different human being. He doesn’t deliver messages like these. And on top of that He is celebrating 15 years of Brookwood. from 75 to 7500 in 15 years is incredibly huge and can only be explained by the supernatural presence of God in this place.

Yesterday was life changing and like Perry said, “Brookwood’s best days are ahead!”


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