Busy Business ahead

My schedule is going to get more crazy and strenuous in the coming weeks which excites me and dissapoints me at the same time.

Basketball starts tomorrow night. So if you are in the Greenville, SC area. I invite you to the South Campus at Brookwood Church at 7:30 to see some ball being played. I am really out of shape but in a little better shape than I thought I would be at this point so I’m feeling ok about where I’m at.

On Wednesdays we are in the process of upgrading our childcare. It is an awesome opportunity to teach and train some great childcare workers how to give even more value to the kids. It is really cool to see kids growing in their faith and it is even cooler to be a facilitator in that.

Sundays very soon will be breakthrough times for kids. There is something coming that is going to blow the minds of our kids and prepare them for something our church has never seen. Or any church for that matter. But… I can’t reveal what it is yet!

So my schedule is getting packed and packed but I just love what I do. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing people grow in their faith, especially kids. I’m so humbled by what God has allowed me to do on a weekly basis. It’s ridiculous how cool my job is!


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