Incredible Weekend

This past weekend was awesome. I had so much fun and did so many really interesting things.

Here’s the recap:

  • Incredible service yesterday at Brookwood Church. “One Month to Live” You don’t want to miss this series. I am begging, really beggin you to get here. I’ll personally show you around the place if you feel uncomfortable or something. You just have to be here for this.
  • Bible study on Saturday. We talked about “Is Jesus the only path to God?” very interesting stuff.
  • Statement I pondered all weekend: “If we truly trust Jesus with our lives and commit ourselves fully to Him, then our actions have no spiritual consequences.” You are welcome to post your thoughts on this as well.
  • 1200 people involved in children’s ministry this weekend. 1000 kids and 200 volunteers. It was an incredible week with alot of interesting things.
  • Learned how to praise God with just our hands, as if we didn’t have the ability to speak.
  • A little girl named Selah closed us in prayer at 11:30 and she knew that her name meant “a moment of praise to God” absolutely SWEET time of praise and learning 11:30 in the chapel with the 3-5 graders.
  • God reminded me of the passion that He put in me for kids and teaching. It really is what I wait the entire week for.

How was your weekend? And what do you think about that statement?


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