Balance and Blogroll

I try to live my life in balance. It’s something I learned a long time ago from a book by Charles Spurgeon that if your life doesn’t strive for balance you will either be climbing a mountain or being swallowed by a valley.

It’s tough nowadays to find that balance. With the emerging church and the rising voice of traditionalists (they definitely need a more awesome title) its tough to find that balance. I don’t want to get into an argument but I think that for my personal life there is alot to learn from both sides of the spectrum. You learn to love people more than you knew that you could by learning from the emergent church people and you learn to rely on Christ for everything in your life from the traditionalists. It has been way more than beneficial to balance out some views. But I am so thankful for everything that I am learning. God is working in my life and I am ready to grow further and deeper in my life.

I am so thankful for all of the things that I am learning in my life. I wanted to point out some changes on my blogroll. My buddy David Jacks is at college and I guess has no time to blog and his domain was sold a few weeks ago. So he was taken off sorry buddy. And I just found out that one of my friends in Memphis Josh Currie has moved his blog. He is doing well I talked to him today and God is moving things in his life. I really want to let you know that I have alot of blogs I would love to post but I’m not a stat hog so I generally try to leave those  people I read off the roll because they definitely don’t know who I am.

You all are awesome, have an incredible week this week. If anyone who reads this sees Jeff Hill tell him to call me immediately.



  1. Hey buddy. I saw Jeff today and he said he will call you haha. I hope all is well with you.

    I just wanted to point out that I could agree except that many from the emergent church deny essential and key doctrines like 1. the trinity 2. the atonement 3. the depravity of man 4. some challenge the virgin birth 5. the ressurection of Christ

    Scripture tells us to have nothing to do with this sort of person and to treat them as outsiders. What kind of christian fellowship can I have with a man that denies the ressurrection.

    With that being said I think there are things we can learn and that are helpful from the system of thought that they buy into: postmodernism. there are some epistemological issues to learn from and others to outright reject. the people in the emergent camp have accepted the premises within this thought structure that we must reject.

    I do not buy into modernity either(this thought is just in case) I think there are some good things there too and other things we must reject.

    I think that is balanced. Rejecting both extremes altogether and accepting the more reasonble approaches to both.

    Do you think this is fair and balanced? (sorry that i sound like fox news, which is not fair and balanced)

  2. I think that is very close to balanced. I don’t think that we should treat anybody as outsiders. But should we reject them as our teachers… yes. I agree.

    But honestly I am way more unintelligent than most of the men on both sides. But I do know that living without balance will cause you to fall. Sounds simple but its true. So its very important be aware and analyze but always compare to our standard which is God’s word.

    And also for all those some that challenge those doctrines there are some that don’t that names are drug thru the mud because some on the other extreme side are not filled with enough love to separate the chaff from the wheat.

    It is good to acknowledge that our church is moving in America right now. Either for the good or bad and that means that God is doing something.

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