Wednesday Wisdom pt. 2

I suprisingly got a few hits off of Wednesday Wisdom two weeks ago when it debuted. I was suprised. Maybe people didn’t see that I was only 22 years old or maybe they didn’t realize I grew up in Drummonds, TN. Google it I dare you.

Anyway today I would like to start a discussion on two different approaches that churches are using for their volunteers.

#1 I call the “Keep it Simple” method. Churches take the time to make sure that everything that their volunteers do is easy and straightforward. This allows the volunteers to  pull off their job without the stress of worrying about complex issues or not being prepared enough. These churches want to make sure that they keep their volunteers from being burned out by not making anything more difficult than what they can do.

#2 Is called by Jim Wideman “The Volunteer Career”. This is a method where churches see volunteers as people that should grow in their area of service. Their job becomes more difficult as time and training progress. But these churches feel that volunteers will be more than willing to accept the added responsibility because they are in their God given skillset.

So my questions to are as follows: Which of these two methods do you feel is the best? Which do you follow? Why do you choose this method?

If you are a volunteer which would you prefer?

Please comment so we can begin a dialogue on this.


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