Wednesday Wisdom

I’m so excited that its my first Wednesday Wisdom post.

Thanks so much for the idea to start this on a weekly basis! I’ll start today with something that I observed last night while watching women’s gymnastics. The US Women’s team was incredibly distraught even though they were going to win a silver medal. I mean devastated. Their leader was breaking in front of millions of people and they couldn’t do anything about it. It was definitely a sad thing to watch.

Conversely the US Men’s Gymnastic team was completely excited to inch in a bronze medal. They had their two superstar gymnasts out before the Olympics started. They were actually winning the competition at one point just to have it basically snatched from them by the Chinese team. However, their attitude was totally different. They were still upbeat. They were still happy to be there. They still knew they could do big things.

Here is my thought from that. What is your attitude like when things don’t go your way? Are you completely distraught and thus useless until you get over it? Or are you completely happy with where you are realizing that in some way you don’t deserve to be here?

God has given me some immense opportunities these last few months. Not everything has turned out peachy but I pray that God will help me remember where I came from. That I don’t deserve to be here. That I deserve so much less. Thank you so much for changing me and I continue to pray that my attitude will push me to do things thought impossible instead of keeping me from accomplishing the improbable.


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