New Start

I have been learning for my entire life. It’s so interesting that some people don’t enjoy learning. Besides breathing, its one of the most important things that we do. From reading, to observation, to listening, and experience learning is so incredibly important in our lives. I learn in so many different ways.

I really believe that the last 3.5 years of my life was an incubation time set-up by God for me. It allowed me to see ministry in a different way, see what other’s viewpoints were founded on (non-church people opinions), and not only that but also to learn by experience.

I was not completely out of ministry for that time but definitely not as involved as I have been in the past. I was stretched with both school and work and yearned, literally “yearned” for service.

I ate up the leadership that I gained from my part-time management position. It was my only outlet for service and I knew that I could lead from that point on. God gave me an outlet to use my gifts and God used me through that time and proved that I could lead instead of just hearing it I saw it.

This is my new chance. I couldn’t wait to get plugged into what God had for me in SC, when I knew that I was going to be moving to where my then fiance was going to school at. So in the midst for looking for a job I jumped back into serving at the church. Just doing games for the students there, was life changing, I was so thankful for God allowing me to give so much time and effort to serving Him. Then it happened. Since a girl told me that I would be a preacher when I was about 8 years old I have felt this calling on my life. I figured I would get a Master’s degree in some kind of Bible related focus and then get started into ministry. But God had other plans.

I am now working as the Elementary Production Director at  Brookwood Church in Simpsonville, SC. I have a Marketing Degree from the University of Memphis and my only experience in ministry is volunteering. I have been at this job since April of this year and I have never been more in the zone than what I am right now. I am really writing this blog to celebrate my birthday to day so I apologize for the energizing tone.

The kids energize me. People say this but I really believe it, God created me to be a kid at heart. I think like them. I want them to dream big and play hard and learn tough life lessons now. Not wait until they “are ready”. God used King Josiah at age 8 and can definitely use our kids here at Brookwood. God is pouring alot into my life right now and I can’t wait to see the results. Please pray for me as its time to crank some things up. For Volunteers and Parents of children that go to Brookwood, God is up to something. Adventure Week was a step in the right direction. It’s about to be time to leap into what God is giving us. Will you be ready?



  1. I came across your blog, that waiting period can be a frustrating time but it is definatly needed. SC is a great place, I have lived in the state my whole life. Just wanted to send you a quick comment because in ministry a pat on the back really helps. Keep on with the fight – prepare yourself and let God use your time with him to pour into others. I believe that each of us are on a jurney, this jurney is a great one and can have its ups and downs but as long as we stay connected his will will always work out. Keep Pressing Forward –


  2. Hello,
    just wanted to invite you to my blog (If I haven’t already- I have a new home)at if you needed some encouragment today.

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