A few things learned…

The past two weeks I have been extremely busy and have not had the time or energy for blogging but today I am ready to begin again. I am incredibly excited about the future of children’s ministry here at Brookwood Church.

I heard some incredible things from the adults that were there this past week that included some of the following quotes:

“This is like a camp.”

“I wish (VBS) was like this when I was a kid”

“This is like Promise Keepers kid’s style” that one made me laugh.

In the midst of this giant program I learned some incredibly important values that I want to give to you:

  • Even kids desire to be a part of something great.
  • When you offer value to people, people want aboard
  • Why can’t we give children the type of program that we feel like students and adults deserve?
  • It takes a team to accomplish a giant task.
  • Imagine the impact on your church for years if the kids are involved from elementary school.

Just a things that I took away. I would love to know about some incredible kid event that changed your perspective on things.


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  1. Dude… I love your energy and passion for what you do! Don’t ever let that die!

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