There is just so much going on right now that I have put the blog on the backburner. I am so incredibly sorry as I have seen a dropoff in my readership. You will see a significant growth in post count as soon as July 25th passes us by.

I am incredibly excited about the opportunity that we have with our Adventure Week Program. I am so excited to see the kids and how their lives will be impacted. I thought this morning about how thankful I am to be apart of the work that is going on at Brookwood. I am a part of an incredible team that cares about children and volunteers in a way that I could only imagine.

Things are going from stressful to super stressful now. So many life things happening on top of the tasks that must be accomplished for the coming week. I am asking for alot of prayer for Adventure Week. Pray that kids would begin their journey in Christ and that they would get connected.

Now for some quick things on my mind:

  • I am missing my wife alot, She is investing in the lives of teens this week in Florida at camp and I am lonely.
  • I am pondering the “I can’t speak [insert language]” phrase. You can’t say it in the language that you can’t speak because then people will know that you only bothered to know that one phrase. But if you don’t learn that phrase, those people can’t understand you??? (weird that I thought of that)
  • Thinking of classic kids behaviors. “I’m not whining (really whiny voice)” Their indescribable greetings that bring so much joy to your heart and any time that they eat.
  • loving this post
  • thankful to Christ and looking to the future as a person and in ministry. (ever wonder where you are at in life when you’re 50? I did this week).

Let me know some classic kids behavior that drive you nuts or make you smile


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