I went to the gastro doc the other day for my stomach problem that has been going on for about the last 9 months.

He told me that I had IBS. So I’m pretty psyched. Nothing like a diagnosis to ease your mind. So now it looks like alot of pills will be in my future. Just thought I would let you know that everything is minor and no major problems.




  1. You might like to try peppermint capsules – enteric coated so that they dissolve in your small intestine and not your stomach. I’ve found them very helpful. Peppermint tea is also good.

  2. There are numerous things similar to IBS, not to scare or worry you. Have you got a second opinion, yet. Also, what type of pills did they prescribe for you ?

    Hope all is well, especially as you move forward with your great looking VBS

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