Undignified worship

This story is told so often but I love it. David after seeing the family that was holding the ark prosper decided to go celebrate in the blessings. He basically dances and worships God so much so that he ends up with no clothes on…


That’s a weird way to celebrate but the key is that David was so incredibly thankful for all that has happened in his life that nothing would stop him from thanking his God for deliverance. Man to have a heart like that.


Literally these are people that he sees all the time. Imagine yourself as a pastor of a church celebrating in a way that all of your clothes come off right in front of your entire congregation.


I love to worship and be absorbed into praise through song and dance. But in no way is my worship as dedicated and as strong to Christ as this. I pray that it will be. But you probably will remain to see in my clothes on a daily basis.


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  1. Thanks for the post. The song “Undignified” comes to mind reading this. I recently had a similar experience here in Baghad as a group of soldiers from all over the coalition came together in very needy worship. It was an awesome time of celebrating survival and crying out to God in thankfulness and need of more of Him. Thanks again.


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