The Fakers lose, The Fakers lose

After so much complaining after the Pau Gasol trade in Memphis I am more than satisfied with the results. 


Before I go on a rant I will tell you that I am a Grizzlies fan and yes we are terrible but we have been to the playoffs a couple times in the last 5 years not everyone can say that. We didn’t win a single game there  but who is counting.


We traded away “our franchise player” for an expiring contract, a 6’5″ combo guard with potential, and two first round draft picks. Grizzlies fan wanted more “value” the problem with this scenario is that everyone knew what Pau is. His name that I have called him for about the past 4 years is Gasoft. He gets pushed around and is hardly a defensive presence. He is a 7 footer that is a finesse player. Not my kind of 7 footer.


So we traded him and I will admit that I was the one crying to trade Pau for about the past year and a half before the deal was made. I heard it was made and I was ecstatic. 2 first rounders, losing Pau and his contract, an extra 9 million dollars and a guy that could turn into a scorer in this league. But the fickle fans of Memphis were embittered toward the front office for the “worst trade in NBA history.”


Chris Wallace, gm of the Memphis Grizzlies, I salute you for pulling the trigger. We have flexibility now to make moves which is where we have been handcuffed in the past. I am ready to see some things happen.


So I am more than overjoyed to see someone else have to go through the Gasoft era and have him whine after he misses a 2 ft layup or get pushed out of the paint by a SF. Thank you Fakers for taking the whining spaniard off of our hands and maybe he will bring you what he brought us: disappointment.


P.S. CW i wish you would try and go after oden really hard right now he loves mike conley and i think if we gave portland mike miller, lowry, warrick the 28 and the lakers 2010 and we take a raef lafrentz type back along with oden they might bite because of the knee problems. who knows.




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