Volunteer Draft?

Once again we are reading through Jim Wideman’s book Volunteers that Stick. It is mainly about children’s ministry volunteers but an excellent resource for anyone that deals with volunteers on a regular basis. We just went through chapter 5 and one of the principles that he talks about is drafting your volunteers. He talks about waiting on his daughters in the women’s fellowship area and recruiting volunteers there and he also recruited volunteers at Sam’s that happened to go to his church.


Excellent chapter on recruiting like Jesus. I would like to take it one step further.


It is very close to NBA draft time and I am psyched about it. I am basketball nut. As usual the Grizzlies have a top 5 pick. I want to compare getting and keeping volunteers to the draft.


Imagine a world where you scout your potential volunteers: you hear the hype about them, you put them through an intense interview to see what their potential is and where they would fit in your team, and you bring them in for a pre-draft workout session!


Think of all the problems that you would solve:

  • people not serving in their area of giftedness
  • people that don’t fit your specific ministry needs.
  • you wouldn’t have to figure out their skill set.
  • trying to find people that might be potential leaders in your ministry.
  • people that don’t want to be on the team. (Vision is polarizing)
I would love to see so many more churches especially in children’s ministry but everywhere in ministry go through the drafting process. Plus imagine how much fun you could have scouting potential volunteers?

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