Can production people make a difference?

I am the elementary production director at Brookwood Church in Simpsonville, SC. I deal with everything that happens in the large group area for children on Sunday mornings. 

I deal with tech people that run our production on Sundays. I feel a strong need to get them to feel significant. I can remember times in my life where I would spend hours installing and fixing lights even programming them and then never getting to see the fruits of my labor. I want to encourage you that if you have any tech people that you deal with on a normal basis please thank them for what they do. They sometimes feel very under appreciated.


But how can they make a difference? What gets them going? What gives them significance?


Well specifically in our children’s area, our tech people are beginning to find significance in the presentation that they present on Sunday mornings. The kids are more engaged in worship, they interact in a more effective way on Sunday mornings, and they come away learning more about God.


Well for our production people we want to do something that is relevant, accessible, and fun. We follow my FITE system.


  • Fun- children’s job is to have fun. we want to make our services a fun experience for them.
  • Interactive-we want kids to be involved in the service, whether it is thru worship, a game, or an illustration we want them to interact in large group.
  • Time-we consider time a priority. We want our large group to be amazing but at the same time we realize the impact that small groups have on people. We want to do everything in our power as production people to value that time and be efficient with that resource. We do not want to take that away from our very important small group leaders.
  • Excellence-we want to do everything with a sense of excellence. We want to honor Christ with our service and be prepared and trained to do an excellent work for Him. God wants our excellence. Just think of the temple that He wanted built for Him. We want to offer our best to God.
I think that our people are catching this and understanding how big a part that they play. How are your production people motivated? Do they feel they play a significant part or do they feel under appreciated by their leadership?

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