First large group and awesome weekend

I taught my first large group this week. I absolutely loved it. I love teaching people. From children to adults I love to teach. I am so ecstatic that my role involves teaching large group! It was awesome, the kids were awesome, and it all went well. 

Not to mention we did two new songs this week. We did “We Shine” by Steve Fee and “Superstart” by YancynotNancy.


The kids were definitely fans and I loved to see them worship. Nothing will make your heart race more than watching a kid chant out to Christ that “he belongs to Jesus”.


I am a fan of what I do if you can’t tell. 


My wife and I went to my aunt’s house this weekend to visit my cousin Nichole who is graduating today actually and to see my mom. It was fun and its always nice to see family. Lots of driving though and I am extremely tired after 6 hours of driving in two days.


Also I have a very strong desire to get a fish tank. If you have one or know someone close that would like to donate one to me or even has one for sale. Let me know.


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