So I’ve been thinking about getting a pet

I love animals. My wife is not really a fan of anything but dogs. I really wanted some fish for the past few weeks mainly seeing a fish tank in Josh’s house. I had to try and get one.

I absolutely love fish. They relax me and love how they interact with their environment and it really is very insightful. Imagine looking in on your life contained in a little box, how interesting would that be?

The only thing I dislike about fish is that you can’t touch them. So we went to Petland the other day. I’m not a huge fan of pet stores like this because sometimes the conditions are very bad. The fish were really cool but I fell in love with the puppies there. A puggle, a jack russell terrier, and a beagle really caught my eyes. It was fun except for Kristen not enjoying the whole thing except for the beagle.

Needless to say no decision on a pet but I might wait for a dog. I can’t wait to have a pet. Kristen and I were discussing pet names last night.


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  1. Dogs are amazing… best pets in the world! Although I highly recommend visiting your local humane society or animal shelter to get your dog… not only will you save a life but you will also not be supporting puppy mills or irreputable breeders. Petland is particularyl known for getting their puppies from puppy mills, and many organizations such as the ASPCA is calling for a Petland boycott…. find out more here:

    Good luck with the pet search!

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