Inner Blogging Struggle

Sometimes I struggle with what to say or write actually on the blog. I want my words to add value to people’s lives but honestly I just don’t have the experience or know how to always add something significant. And frankly only the 30 people that visit the site would hear it.

I appreciate those 30 people by the way. If you read this blog I am so thankful that for some reason you continue to come back. 

But back to the subject with less rambling. What do I write about? What can I write about? What can I teach people and what can I say that will actually change people’s lives? I wonder sometimes if this blog should even exist. Because more times than not is more of a J.C. timeline than anything else. But I want to give my readers something to take away. 


I’m a 21 year old semi-adult that just started his “career” in ministry. What can I say to people that have twice as much knowledge and experience as I do? This is the struggle that goes into each post or each tweet that I do. And honestly I don’t really know how to accurately answer all of these questions. But when something significant comes up in my life. I will do my best to give you the wisdom that I have received to take you further in your life with Christ. 


Thanks for reading and for getting to know me a little by little thru each post.


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