The Wedding

Let me just tell you first of all that I am not a wedding guy. I don’t like to go to weddings for the most part. I think that they are mostly dull and unoriginal. I wanted so bad for our wedding to make waves but not with the people that just attend. I wanted the people involved to feel like they were having fun and not just being a part of another ceremony.


Now as a precursor to this blog I would like to mention that most of the ideas were not mine. They were the creation of Kristen, my beautiful wifey, and my mother in law Beth Barfield. 

Originally we were wanting something very laid back: summer dresses, sandals or no shoes at all, and linen pants for the guys!! Things changed and we modified ideas and changed some things around the wedding ( remember the precursor when I say “we”). But what we wound up with was absolutely astounding!!


I would show you all of the wonderful pictures and describe all of the intricate details like her dress, and how she entered (imagine Cinderella ;)), and the setting. Maybe one day you will see them. That day is not today… sorry. I guess you should have been there.


But from a guy who is not a big fan of weddings. If I would have missed this one, I would have shot myself in the foot. It was awesome.


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