Today was an extremely busy day for me. We came back from Columbia, my in laws house, to get some gifts for the wedding. That was an semi-awkward occasion in its own right. But we also started to exchange and buy new things. 


Its that wonderful time in your life where the budget is considered but only because you are so in the black its nuts!!! So we had our hearts set on a HDTV! We had most of our stuff, Praise Jesus! We took care of the necessities at first and then we headed to a store to check out some TV’s. We picked out a 720p 42″ plasma TV! It has a 1 million: 1 contrast ratio. My techies will feel me on that one! So we wanted to put a large majority of the money down and then since they had a no interest for 12 months thing going on, pay the rest off in a few months. 


We sit down to fill out an application for the card in order to put that amount on it and it came back “DECLINED!

Please remember that I have only been married for a total of 7 days at this point, and in my head with my wife sitting next to me I’m thinking “She thinks I’m worthless right now” Which isn’t true but I felt a larger blow to my ego than I have had in my entire life. I just don’t get it sometimes ya know. I have made very very intelligent financial decisions and the only reasonable explanation that I could come up with that I couldn’t fill out the application was because I just recently started my job after 2 months of unemployment. 


I was crushed. One of my first real purchases with my brand new wife and I can’t cut it. But there she was at my side. Thanks sir have a nice day. That’s ok baby we’ll just pick it up later. Not questioning or criticizing. She just loved me. Don’t get me wrong I was still bummed but I was ready to take on an army in those few priceless minutes of my seemingly minute life. I was entranced. 

Moral of the story: Pay in cash and love your wife 🙂


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