Sabroso’s talk

After an amazing night at Varsity with incredible music: thanks josh and band, and message, we all went to Sabroso’s afterwards. I think its weird how I bond so well with the music guys for the students. It doesn’t matter who they are I always seem to have an instant connection with them.

Anyway, back to Sabroso’s. I didn’t eat anything but the food there is always good but I have my own place now so I get to make and eat my own food. But afterwards I got to talk with some awesome men about my marriage and about their past. Tim Mackey, who by the way is putting on the reception dinner for our wedding on Friday, loves people man. But he was telling me about just a few things in his past. 


Let me just say that I am thankful to have two parents who have loved me unconditionally throughout my life. They knew how to push me towards my goals and they knew how to back up a little and let me do some things wrong. They are incredible. I was telling Tim that even though my dad wasn’t a Christian at first he was a better dad than probably 75% of the “Christian” dads out there.


Here’s some advice I can give you parents from a 21 year old kid with great ‘rents:

  1. Show up: You will hear me say this over and over and over, but its always true. Your kids need to feel your support so show up when they do something. If you work alot, then make time. I remember a few times my dad came to my ballgame after working over 55 hours in a week. Never complaining just there.
  2. Not all of your kids are the same, so don’t treat them like they are. Understand first that you need to have rules in your household that if disobeyed should result in discipline. I am not saying that you should punish one kid and not the other. What I am saying is this: Do some reading on the birth order and get to know your kid personally. Don’t play catch with your kid if he wants to cook or don’t paint with your kid, if she wants to play softball. My sister and I would get upset because our parents treated us differently on some things… looking back they were right.
  3. Unconditionally love your kids. Your kids are gonna screw up and make mistakes. Love them anyway. Discipline with love. I can’t tell you how many times I would tell my parents mistakes I have made because I knew they would respond with love. I would also get the discipline and a lecture but always the love.
I’m definitely not an expert on parenting. But I hope to be a great dad and I have not only my two wonderful parents to look up to but also my in-laws as well. Show up, know your kids and understand their differences, and love them unconditionally and more than likely you will grow up having a great relationship with your kids. I have a great one with my parents.

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  1. JC,

    This will make your parents proud. I know that one thing that a kid can never have enough of is a parents time. There will be time for rest when they leave your home. Enjoy everyminute with them while they are there and teach them to love God with all their Heart, soul and mind.

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