The heart

Sometimes I look at my blog and think to myself… “Self why are you writing, it just doesn’t seem like I’m helping anyone” And most of the time I just wish I had some wisdom to actually give people so that they won’t feel like this blog leaves them empty. Which unfortunately it does sometimes. I wish that I have inside of me somewhere this wise old man that gives advice that most 85 year old people who have lived a fantastic life would give. But I don’t.


I was reading the Word today and realized that God is interested in me as an individual. He spoke to me through 1 Samuel 16. God was about to pick David as king. Samuel saw someone that he thought for sure God was going to pick as the next king. 

God told him:

 1 Sam. 16:7


but it is also interesting to note this verse:

1 Samuel 9:1-2


It almost seems like a contradiction doesn’t it. But remember that the people wanted a king more so than they wanted God to rule their lives. Samuel knew that when he chose Saul, the main characteristics that he recognized were of his appearance. He should have known better than to judge based on that. Not to say that attractive people can’t do the work of God but instead that God’s priority is the heart.


God gave them their king: Saul and after their plan failed miserably, He provided His king David.


Do we refuse to allow God to rule in an area of our life and cry out that He doesn’t know what He is doing and we should do it a certain way instead? Do we judge ourselves by our heart or by our outward appearance? God help us to give our hearts to you. Mold them and change them more and more in your image, the image of Christ. We pray that our plans would be secondary to Your plans. 


I pray that this helps someone out there who needs it.



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