Theological thoughts

I found myself thinking last night about the ramifications of certain ways of thinking theologically yesterday. I visited a sight that I do not go to very often. I won’t tell you the name because that is not what my blog is about. But all I found was a discussion on who was right or wrong and then it ended in a political discussion on who should be leading the SBC. 

I was thinking to myself, “Self, why if theology is their main point of discussion must they rip and tear other people to shreds talking about their personal lives and their ministries as if they alone are judge?”

I admit to not being very knowledgeable about many theological issues. But I can’t help but think about the Sanhedrin. (This is funny because they talked about on their website how someone they were bashing was so much like the Sanhedrin. 🙂 )   Why are they bashing so many people on such a public stage? Why is their job to determine who is right and wrong?


I just have a problem with people like this. Our job is to build others and in order to do that you do need to tell them the direction they are following is wrong sometimes. But you need to push them closer to Christ in the process not just away from people. I don’t see how this particular part is edifying the body of Christ. But I might be missing the boat, it wouldn’t be the first time.





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