Preparation is most of the battle

As most of you children’s workers out there know, summer time is a big time for children’s ministry. From camp, to VBS (or whatever you call it), and ending with another big recruiting pitch to volunteers. For the first time I get to be in on the ground floor. 

Before I go any further, I have said for the first time about 50 times now in this blog over the past two weeks so I will try to pull back a bit. Anyway


I, being mostly involved with the tech side of the programming in the Children’s ministry, get to be in on the creative meetings, the ideas and brainstorming that makes everything move forward. From graphics to materials and most importantly people, there is alot of work that goes into our programming. I wanted to know from you guys: What is your creative process? Does it come from a meeting or random emailing, teleconferences or what? Do you free write or discuss potential ideas? I want to know what gets your creative juices flowing.


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