Free Night!

After the past few weeks, it was nice to get a night to just relax. Basketball, Call of Duty 4, and my brain were the only things going on tonight in my lil world. My brain gets so much room to roam on nights like this. 


To illustrate I will give you just a couple of things running through my mind:

  • wondering how fun it would be to coach a kid’s basketball team.
  • trying to figure out finances with actually being on my own for the first time.
  • wondering why we don’t take production as seriously as nickolodeon and mtv does?
  • wanting to understand just how God is working through my life right now.
  • ideas for adventure week (aka VBS).
  • Not enjoying Stax’s restaurant that we had tonight.
  • trying to figure out is there a way to be productive while sleeping.
  • The Memphis Tigers are gonna be great again next year and I’m very excited.
  • NFL draft this weekend.
  • how awkward but wonderful my honeymoon is going to be.
Needless to say my brain has no limits on days like these. I am so grateful for time to unwind and relax for about 3 hours. It was so incredibly refreshing.
Take some time to unwind and relax your brain it makes a difference to everyone in your life.

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