Today most of the Children’s ministry staff ate at Silver Bay. It’s a seafood restaurant in Mauldin, SC.
The food is usually very good and its always a fun time. Well today we went and the food was taking a bit longer than usual to come out. So our server, she was very good by the way, decided she would give us some complimentary things.

I say things only because I do not know what they were. The best way to describe this dish is to take a potato, slice it in four equal wedge pieces, and then sprinkle on some salt and pepper to decorate. They cooked them and put them on my plate. I love meat and grilling so food is kinda a big deal. This dish, thoroughly confused me. I am completely confused by this interesting dish. Add a sauce or a story or a reason why this was made and I will understand but I was completely befuddled as to what in the heck was going on in the cook’s mind.


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