Wow it’s getting crazy up in here…

So i’ve have been patiently awaiting my macbook pro for the last few days. I am longing to see my creative desires fleshed out on my newly acquired mac. I have been dreaming of the possibilities and the reality is that my brain is running out of room.

See the problem that I have seen with programming in Children’s ministry is that it is mostly a fill a hole kind of thing. Well they will need something to do so lets just read them a bible story. It’s amazing to me that we spend so much time on students and on adults but fail to put mucho efforts into children’s programming. I mean think about it. When have you been to anything kind of kids programming and literally thought to yourself: WoW that is what kids deserve. Instead you see drained volunteers, crappy curriculum that you had to buy, and even lackluster worship.

I am hoping to not just to alter the trend but maybe change it entirely. Kids deserve attention. They shouldn’t feel like they are the last in line. But the reality in church is they are. I hope that we can minister as effectively to children and the volunteers as Jesus did when He let the disciples know that He wanted them to come and get some Jesus love. This is what is going on in my brain and I’m running out of room to contain it.


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  1. Great post. I am behind you 110%. Children’s ministry is key. Nickelodeon and MTV spend millions of dollars every year to capture the attention of our kids. Why shouldn’t the church be doing everything we possible can to capture their attention with the life changing message of God’s Word.

    Keep up the great work. Love the blog!!

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