How to make a difference

I went to a concert tonight. It was a special concert to a very special kid. She didn’t know I would be there and she didn’t ask me to be there but somehow and some way it meant alot. It’s amazing to me how such small acts make such an impact. 


One of my favorite movies all time is Hardball. Keanu Reeves gives a heartfelt speech before the championship game with some great encouragement for the kids “I am overwhelmed by your ability to show up.” It’s seems like such a small act to show up but fathers especially have increasingly become worse and worse at this very basic act: being there.


I saw first hand tonight what it meant to about 50 kids when the special people in their life show up. I challenge you to show up when a need arises. When your kids are doing something, anything in life, show up. They will appreciate.


P.S. (thanks Dad, you always showed up…ALWAYS!)





  1. I am not yet a father, but Amen to that. It escapes me how many people miss that point. It’s not the ONLY thing you have to do, but it’s one of the most important.

  2. still here watching son,ALWAYS.

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