Case of the Mondays

Usually I am chipper on Mondays. I love to work and feel like I accomplished something. But today I am not my usual upbeat little self. I had a very tiring weekend: Wedding Bands and Apartment searching.

I felt exhausted on Sunday night but got to chill for just a little bit with Kristen and the Bradleys. It was a nice to time to relax and then I had to go to sleep in order to get enough rest for work and I don’t think that I accomplished that goal. Needless to say I didn’t start off the week well.

However, reading in 1 Samuel was encouraging and I was intrigued by some things. Make sure that you always stay the course. Compromise will take you down a path you don’t want to flesh out. Don’t settle or get lazy work your butt off to make sure you are obeying God and growing in your faith.

I feel like tommorrow will be better. Macbook Pro came in today and it is almost in my hands to get my creative juices flowing.



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