It’s all about the kids…

We are running a survey and the results are coming back from the volunteers. I want give you anything too specific but I will tell you this answer that isn’t really shocking but it will tell you alot about your volunteers.

We asked an open ended question about the what is their favorite part about volunteering in the Children’s ministry. The answers: about 85%-90% their favorite part had to do with the kids… another 7-8% had to do with the relationships between the volunteers themselves.

There are alot of other telling things about this survey that I think we all realize deep down inside but we don’t focus on them as much as “We have to fill this need”. But what we don’t realize is that God has to provide the volunteers and we must minister to them. They love the kids that is why they volunteer. The lack of motivation and development is why they leave. Period.

Where are you at in relation to your volunteers? Are you making them better? Or are they on the backburner cuz now that they have filled a spot you move onto the next hole?

Crazy stuff huh?



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