Pre-Marital Counseling

Kristen and I have been in pre-marital counseling during the last week just talking and trying to figure out what to experience before we actually experience it. We are reading two books currently: One for our counseling sessions called “Saving your marriage before it starts” it talks about expectations, conflict resolution, and positive attitude and the other is called “Sheet Music” which is all about sexual intimacy in marriage. That book is seperated into two parts one for pre marriage and one for after you are married.

I have learned alot over the last couple of days and I am so glad for it. I can’t wait to get married almost exactly one month away in case you were wondering but I want to be the best husband and eventually father that I can be and the learning experiences are essential for preparation.

Needless to say its going great, our mentoring couple is awesome, our books are great, and we are learning more about one another through this process. I am ready for May 10th.


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  1. im ready too 🙂

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