NCAA Championship

4 hours til gametime. Frankly I’m nervous these chances don’t come along often. I actually had someone accuse me of being a UNC fan the other day can you believe that?



hahaha anyway My Memphis Tigers are playing tonight in the biggest game for every one of them. Honestly I am happy to be there but if we lose I will be upset. Unlike most teams we knew we would be here this year. Everyone says that this is their goal but we said it in interviews after the season that we wanted the ring. Its time. Its time to put every citizen of the city of Memphis on your back to guide the basketball fandom to its first national championship. 


I want nothing more than this win tonight. Put up or shut up. Joey Dorsey I’m proud of what you’ve been doing but do it one more time… nothing matters except this game. Dozier Cal gave you a chance what will you do with it now? CDR I don’t have to motivate you and D. Rose will be there too. Last but certainly not least in my book. Mr. Anderson, the chosen one as I have called him. The best defender in college basketball. Play your butt off and for your sake I hope you go off for 30 but knowing you, you will stay out of the limelight and lock down your man for the entire game.


Win it boys, give it your all and I can’t wait to see our banner in the Forum


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  1. I guess you’ll have to wait another 96 years to see your “banner in the Forum.” It was so good to see decent team players prevail over thugs.

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