Well i finished 2 Timothy yesterday and basically it was Paul’s last words to Timothy. You know what he said:


You know its funny and I mean funny, not like the sarcastic word for troubling, that I spend alot of my time with the tech stuff now but Paul reiterates that Timothy will have trouble but preach the word kid, preach the word.

Do I lose focus with the tech stuff? sometimes

Do I put alot of work into the presentation? yeah so did God look at the temple He wanted

Where should my focus be? The word and people.

I thank God for my experience with UPS. With all of the awesome things that go along with loading boxes plus the fact that I get people that are assigned to me to learn from me. It was so much more than the ugly process. I taught people and that is what was most fulfilling to me.

I pray that my focus would be to reach the volunteers and the kids for Christ. I want to fulfill what Paul told Timothy be about the Word and make a difference for people. Stay focused young one, stay focused.



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  1. Hey man I could not remember if I had ever given you my e-mail.
    It is jhill3456@yahoo.com

    I love you man

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