You knew I was gonna write about it

Memphis is in the Final Four

Honestly i told people they would lose just because I have seen the lovefest with UCLA and the domination of UNC and after the butt whipping we put on Michigan State I just figured we would come out for our road game and get out of our gameplan and the refs wouldn’t give us any calls and we would go home again.


we completely dominated Texas, our pg was better than theirs, and Joey Dorsey is now a beast that wants to win and that spells trouble for the teams in front of us.

Now we are the favorite to win it all supposedly? Can you talk about how bad we are and then completely change your mind and pretend you were on the Memphis bandwagon for the whole trip?

No!! So ESPN and CBS except for Clark Kellog and Gumby (I mean Gumbel) don’t pick us to win. You didn’t pick us to even beat PITT some even had us losing to Mississippi State.

Now we are making free throws. 30-36 against Texas (83.3%) and 26-35(74.5%) so we are ready and we have been looking to the final four all year. We don’t care about anything else except winning it all and that might be what puts us over the top.

I’m ready to spank UCLA and watch for the blatant pushes and no calls on Collison when he fouls Rose it will happen.



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