Children’s Ministry Vision

I have been out of working in any kind of ministry for about 6 months before I moved to SC. The reasons were because I didn’t want the kids in the church that we moved to as a family to be left hanging by a guy that was only there to teach them until the next step in his life. I also didn’t know when that step would take place.

Now I am involved and plugged in again and better than anything else I am doing it full time.

I went to two meetings today, one was with the Children’s ministry team and the vision that they have for the future and how we are going to be set up as a team to effectively minister and another was a blueprint meeting where numerouse people gather to discuss everything that is needed for a large event.

The event that we discussed was: The Summer day camp for kids (VBS). I love that time the kids are pumped, the volunteers are pumped, and as I learned today there is so much work involved. Guess what? I get to be a part of it.

I am just so humbled by what God Himself has placed me in the middle of. I am so incredibly psyched about what is going on and the direction we are going. Look out world and parents Brookwood is going to make a huge impact on your kids and they will love Jesus more than you ever thought possible if we do our parts to honor God with our efforts.


bring it on kids I’m ready for ya hahaha



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  1. After reading your blog, I thought you might be interested in the YEAH YEAH Out Loud program.

    YYOL helps by illustrating the growth and development of individual self-esteem, it creates a learning experience instead of merely teaching a lesson. It goes beyond fun to teach strong principals and communicate values that when acted upon will help develop strong character. Hur-Ray and Kiddazy® demonstrate that becoming a true cheer leader means finding your “inner” cheer, and encouraging and empowering others to do the same by sharing that “YEAH! YEAH!” cheer out loud.

    Through this interactive play, children can develop their faith, gain important foundational skills, expand their problem-solving abilities, acquire valuable social skills and spark an ongoing passion for knowledge that can be shared beyond their religious communities. YYOL offers the opportunity to build a foundation focusing on the goodness of God, acknowledging God’s presence and the connection between faith, religious spaces and our environment.

    Using this resource also provides ways for families to think together about what values they hold dear, encouraging them to talk about them together, and act them out in their daily lives; a way of describing a dimension beyond the physical world — the spiritual world (some spiritual practices do not involve worshipping a god or gods but are introspective and draw on the practitioner’s own ability to be responsible for his/her spiritual path).


    KF Carpenter


    Empowering kids to discover their inner “cheer” leader.

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