Bringing kids to Christ

This is my mode of thinking right now.

How can we get kids either further in their relationship to Christ or to begin their relationship with Christ. How can we present the word of God in a relevant, accessible and fun way. These are the 3 things that we want to do at Brookwood.

We want to be relevant. We want to be up to date. We do not want to do GI Joe or the Jungle Book but we want to be involved in Horton Hears a Who and Mim’s Island.

Why? What are kids doing around the world? They are watching these movies, these TV shows and playing with these toys. We want the kids to feel comfortable in order to teach them the word of God.

We want to be accessible. Different people have a different knowledge of the Bible. This is especially true with Children. We want to make it a priority that our services are accessible to all kids no matter their knowledge of God’s word. We also realize that the Holy Spirit Himself will bridge the gap of understanding but we must to do our part to commit our teaching to reach all regardless of prior knowledge.

We want to be fun. Why is this a requirement of our ministry? Shouldn’t we focus on sound teaching and hope that it is fun? That is not a bad question but why can’t you be both? God is capable of all things. We want God to work on kids hearts and bring them closer to Him. But to bring kids back it needs to be fun. We are doing our job by knowing that kids need to have fun. We are presenting the message in a way that relates to kids and trusting God with the results.

All of these things are individual goals but also must work hand in hand with one another. If their isn’t a balance then we aren’t fulfilling our mission. This is where my heart is and I can’t wait to get started.

Pray that God would bless my efforts by seeing people from volunteers to children go further in their relationship with Christ because of my efforts.


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