Interview yesterday for the Children’s Ministry Position

I interviewed yesterday with some of the leaders in the Children’s Ministry at Brookwood Church for the position that I have been describing to you guys. I think that overall it went well. I expressed my skills and capabilities and told them the things that I observed during their service. I was encouraged by the questions and I felt that they were encouraged by my answers.   

But I know that they had an issue with one of the themes of the questions. They want a long term more than 5 year commitment. I don’t blame them at all for this. They are going to pour time and resources and effort into growing me into this position and they don’t want me to leave. But I had to be honest and tell them that I really feel this is where God wants me but I don’t know how long he wants me here. It would be dishonest to tell them otherwise. I might be there 50 years or I might be there for 2 but I have learned over the past 2 months that I will only plan what God reveals to me and push super hard in that direction.    

This is also a weird post because I contemplated not writing it because I know some of the Brookwood people will be reading this entry. But if you know me you know that I don’t have a problem with honesty. And this blog is about my experience in life and it will help readers to better understand how God is shaping my life through my experience and give me a chance to relive some of that growth in the future.   

Regardless of all that I feel that God completely changed my life a month ago with this move to SC that is totally unlike anything that I would ever do. God did it for a reason. I think this is where God is leading me. I’ve done my part and now God will do His. I am under His divine will and the next step is determined by the decision he lays on those people’s hearts. I am ready either way it goes. 

Pray for me, I want the opportunity for so many different reasons but I want God’s will more than anything else and I am happy with that right now and am loving the spot that I am in and just what God has grown me in since I have obeyed His voice.  

And I say to you, listen at all times for His calling. He will speak to you when He wants it is our responsibility to hear and obey His voice.  



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  1. hi. I dropped in by pushing the “random” button. I know exactly what you mean: God snuck into my life in high school, and once I heard the Spirit talking, I knew I had to listen. It took me from being an agnostic, brooding teen, to a church, to theological college. And, I got so used to trusting God, that when I was told to leave school on a sabbatical that no one understood, I did it. A month later I was engaged, and now four years later I’m a father and happier than I’ve ever been in my life.

    Meanwhile, my denomination was revealed to lack in the Spirit, and was full of corruption and a lack of understanding of God’s word. I’m glad I left.

    But, in the meantime, I wrote a book about wrestling with faith and finding God’s path, it’s also fun fiction/fantasy – a blending of my journey with a Lord of the Rings style action adventure. Sounds weird, but that’s me.

    Best of luck finding your path and hearing the Voice. God bless.

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