Tourney Time!

Well its finally here the greatest time in college basketball maybe even all of sports…(maybe not if BCS didn’t exist) But I am really pumped however, once again we get stuck with an absolutely horrible matchup when we make it that far. If it plays out we will play Texas in the Elite eight in Houston, TX. If you know me I am a huge Tiger supporter but am also very close to a conspiracy theorist after what I’ve seen the last three weeks in college basketball. 2 years ago- 1 Memphis v. 2UCLA in Oakland, CA. People said “Do you know how far Oakland is from Los Angeles?” I say “alot closer than Memphis!”   Last year- 2 Memphis v. 3 Texas A&M in Texas Once again are you serious!!! This year- 1 Memphis v. 2 Texas in HoustonWhatever UCLA barely wins about 3 of the last 4 that they play all of their games are in Cali. Duke plays no one non conference and gets a 2 seed in the same bracket that plays nobody. That is just my bitterness talking but UNC and Memphis definitely have the toughest road to the Final Four. I will be shocked if we make it because of how it is set up. Mississippi State could give us problems. As well as Pitt, Stanford or Texas. Fortunately we would only have to play either Stanford or Texas.Well at Least we’re not being picked as the first number 1 seed to lose in the first round again.2 straight elite eights same team with a new superstar freshman??? I like our odds.out 


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