Children’s Service Yesterday

So I went to check out the kids service yesterday during the 10:30 hour at Brookwood Church. I have been contemplating the decision and yesterday went a long way to confirm in my heart that this is where God wants me. I saw some incredible things. The kids that were there were interested but not enthralled, engaged but not committed to what they saw. Plus it was sort of a special situation as the 2nd to 5th grade were together and that is usually not the case. The drama participants were extremely good for the most part. Some were absolutely incredible! But I wanted to see where did they lead the kids to growing more with Jesus and I didn’t find that. They told the Easter story but where was the meaning? What message did they present to the kids besides: Here is our drama that we worked really hard on, We hope you like it. Ministry isn’t about how hard you work, its about pushing people further in their relationship with Christ whether they are kids or seniors adults, that is what it is all about. The lights, the sound, the narration were just a few small things that could’ve went a long way in the presentation that would have captured the kids allowing you to deliver the message to a convinced audience. But again from what I saw I was more impressed than not.  If you know me and my leadership style, I motivate but at the same time don’t care for anything less than people’s best. I can usually get that from people. It might be interesting to see how that will work in Children’s ministry. But if God works it out, I am more than ready for the challenge. Please pray for me on Tuesday as I meet with some people about the position again. 


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