Are you ready for a Revolution??

Well I’ve been at The Barfield’s this week to help on the house and just to visit and chill. The House as I’m Dubbing it will be incredible and we painted the den and the kitchen plus the ceiling which was my special contribution to the project. It was fun but hard work at the same time and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Tonight being Wednesday back in TN would mean a worknight, but now that Im not working I’ve been to church for the last three weeks. This week was at a service called Revolution where Dave Barfield runs the lights and videos and sound all in one which looked incredibly difficult. The music was very good and the kids were awesome. Overall very good. I was impressed. Dave and Beth have contributed alot to this ministry from painting and construction on the building to running the lights, sound, and video. So it was pretty awesome to just see their contributions fleshed out.

I would give you a link to learn more about Dave and Beth Barfield because if you don’t know them you definitely should, but neither one writes a blog so…. let them know that they should!!

anyway its been fun and I’m still pondering the children’s ministry position. I am praying and reading and got some encouragement from my mother yesterday and will probably get some more when I go home this weekend. If your in Memphis I’m coming back with my fiance so lets make some plans and hang out this weekend.

Love you guys

Micheal Buble on Sunday baby I’m ready.


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