A new door opened?

I have been searching and searching but haven’t had any luck at all these past few weeks. But now a door has opened at Brookwood Church. It is a creative type position. Basically I would be one of three on a team of people that kind of guide the videos and interactive things involved in the Children’s ministry. It has been quite some time since I have done these sort of things. I was in Cougar Vision when I was a junior and senior in High School and haven’t really done the stuff since that time. Basically I don’t want to do any ministry half heartedly or anything for that matter. and its just not in my personality to do otherwise. Now I must decide if Kristen and wife are supposed to be involved in this Children’s ministry.   I have always struggled with this and this might be the opportunity to get me involved in this and then again it may not. Never the less its very exciting. I will also give you guys some advice. I learned this week that sometimes your abilities and gifts are recognized by those around you. God calls us to encourage people. Make it an active effort to express the fact that people are doing a good job. But don’t lie at the same time be truthful and positive in your comments.Also please don’t take this opportunity to flood my post with comments. But if you think this is an opportunity that you think I would be great for in children’s ministry I ask that you pray to God and ask Him to encourage me this week. I have an opportunity to pray over this next week and then meet again with the guy that I would report to. So please do this very small favor for me. Love you guys so much for reading and keeping you in my prayers. I love you guys.out 


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