the charter thing didn’t work out they found someone else. Let me just tell you that this job search is probably the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life including the three years of wearing a patch on my eye. But interestingly enough a new job opportunity presented itself today. We ate lunch with the Children’s Pastor at Brookwood Church. He said he was having a difficult finding a person for this job that he had. He wanted someone:young-checkpreferably a guy-checkcould be in front of people-checkkinda techy-almost check He is looking for sort of a creative guy and someone to do videos and stuff. Unfortunately the last time I did something with that was in high school so the technology is so much more advanced now. But it could be an opportunity and it is full time as far as we know so maybe this is it…. Maybe this is my chance to start in the ministry. As Always God Only Knows!!! 🙂 out 



  1. I used to be a Charter Subscriber………even now just thinking about , I fight the urge to cuss. Nothing lost there my friend. Be patient JC, God’s got your back!

  2. JC….

    I know it sucks not knowing what you are supposed to be doing… but perhaps all these doors are closing for a reason? And perhaps this new one is the one that was meant for you all along…..

    Good luck…. tell Kristen I said hey 🙂

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